Review Review is one of the many writing companies you will find on the internet. Research papers, college papers, and paper writing are some of their jobs. Below is my evaluation about them in the following angles, and of course, the critical ones that you need to know about them before you chose them to serve you.

Usability and design of the site company is not well known despite claiming an almost 100% loyalty rate. Their website is not eye catchy something that contributes to its low popularity. The random content makes it messy, and evaluating it as a first time customer will be a hard task. Of importance is their list of what they do in their content page. Also their physical address on their homepage, and I don’t want to doubt its legitimacy, makes me rate them at 2/5 for this.

Quality of writer

It was so unfortunate that the good impression I got from as far as their writers are concerned was just nothing but an advertisement. The samples on their website were so accurate, thoroughly researched papers, and as a student thriving for good grades, I chose to give them my assignment. The content I got was of terrible quality and various amount of spelling and grammar mistakes. The paper was also shallowly researched. The high ratings of their writers on their website must have been computer-generated figures and not genuinely from their customers. I couldn’t term the writers as professional as they claimed to be. I could tell the writer who worked on my paper was not a native English speaker. The fact that the content was not plagiarized was the only good note about the work. I rate them 1/5.


Other companies consider that most of their customers are students who hardly get enough to spend, and this consideration is reflected in their prices. are not keen with this crucial factor, and with their comprehensive calculators, you will discover the amount you will have to pay even for a two-page college work will cost you an amount equivalent to three consecutive meals. Least of their services is not below$ 16 per page. But if you relate the cost and content to be directly proportional, you will surely choose to sacrifice for your academics. My sacrifice went in vain because the paper they delivered was nothing to my strict professor. Surely, it could have earned me a poor grade had I not work on it to correct a lot of errors in it. However, there is a 15% discount to new customers and lifelong discounts of up to 15% for a loyalty program, but getting to this is so hard. My rating to this is a below average of 2/5.

Deadlines narrowly missed delivering my paper before the deadline. The last-minute delivery is not the best because if you discover errors, you will not be able to give them for a rewrite, especially if their deadline collides with your assignment deadline. The reason to meet deadlines is not only to allow for a rewrite in case of errors but also to allow you to read and integrate the content, especially for research papers because presentations could be awaiting you. narrowly met the deadlines, and I rate it at 2/5 for this.

Customer service

If you realize an error in your work and wish to talk to a bot,

Is the best in that. I mean, when I contacted them to report on the errors on my paper, the customer support on the other side replied promptly and acted so concerned. A while longer, I discovered it was a bot. The answers I received did not match with the context at all. The company also charges differently for different services. For instance, for �Elite writers’ you have to pay the price not less than $ 20. This sounds discrimination to customers because it involves the power of money for the best quality.

I did not receive any revision, apology, or a refund. However, after a while, they contacted me to order for a rewrite, but it was too late for I had long submitted my work after putting my efforts. Even though their show of concern was very minimal, it is good; they did it. I rate them at 2/5.


In conclusion, I will not recommend this company if you want the best. The quality of their writes are so poor, and this is a critical factor to consider before you give them an order. I generally rate them 2/5


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