Review Review is a writing service that deals with writing from low levels of essay, assignment, and paper writing services to dissertations. Before you choose to use their services, confirm that you are aware of several parameters as far as their services are concerned. To know more about their services, you need to read the following.

Usability and design of the site have a poorly designed website. I was not able to define easily whether my essay was among their category of work due to the unorganized webpage. Their samples of the essay did not appear unique, and so was neither reliable nor safe. The site still lacked the finer details about their writers. The skeleton information on the site leaves more questions than answers. They should improve their website work to stop confusing their users. I rate them 2/5 in the use and design of their site.

Quality of writers

The samples you will see online about creates an impression of excellent writers. The essays I gave them to write was nothing to be proud of. The content was out of place. The writers must have missed on the point of my instructions, and if not, they are not keen writers. To make it worse, the content was plagiarized, which is, in fact, a cyber-crime case. To describe the writers, Kindergarten is the word. The sentence structure was so poor, something a native English speaker cannot make. The grammar was so pathetic, and spelling mistakes were all over the article. Even though the number of wordings was slightly above my requirement, it was still not something to be happy about. I could have written the paper better myself. I rate them 1/5 in the quality of their writers.


I was not keen before I placed my order with this, probably because we were from holidays and my fat pocket misled me. The quality they delivered was way off balance with the amount they charged. My 3-page essay article with a deadline of 10 days costed me $41.7. Considering it was an undergraduate work with simple instructions to follow and nothing much to research about it; the price was too high. Something I was positive about is that the pricing was different between orders. Also, there were discounts on offer but not to the first time customers. This did not make me feel at home on my first experience with them. I rate them 3/5 in pricing.


Considering the fact that your personal programs are worth attention just as your course work as a student, failed me in my academic lines. Having had confidence with this company to work for my essay as I concentrated on my other stuff, it was so unfortunate to me that they delivered past the deadline. Worse of all is that the content was off the lane. Time was already due for submission to the professor, and I was still working on it to correct the mess. Time caught me, and I had to write a letter of apology for a late submission. The letter was full of lies in order to sound relevant and safe the situation. Whenever I contacted them to query my article delivery, they never got tired promising to deliver a clean sheet. My trust went in vain something I still regret to now. They later apologized, but I still cannot forgive; however, their promise to do my next paper for free puts me in a trap to forgive. I rate them 2/5 with the deadline.

Customer service have a wide range of writing services, something that has made them to perform poorly when it comes to quality. They have a lot in offer ranging from a basic level like assignment and essay writing to handling dissertations. Due to this, my essay suffered a lot; probably they considered it a minor to give it much attention. However, their team of customer service set in place provides a 24-hour communication, and anytime you need them, you will reach to them successfully. So you can ask them something or check on what is in progress for you. I rate them average in customer service, that is, 2.5/5.

Conclusion gets a neutral score of 2/5, which is not a good score for anyone who wants quality in their work. I will not highly recommend you for this site if you wish to excellence.


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