Review Review has been operational for quite a while. It is a well-established company with an excellent reputation online. Its primary focus is on professional, Bachelor, and undergraduate only, they do not offer writing services for high school level. The following discussion is for essay tigers review.

Usability and design of the site

Have never experienced any challenge in navigating through website. Even the first after a friend referred me to this company; I could surf like I was experienced and familiar with the site — decently organized content with customized features for easy understanding. Thanks to the great efforts invested by management to better its customer surfing experience. What a fantastic site I finally landed on after a long struggle using messy sites hoping that one day, I will find a website that I can use with a smile on my face at my comfort. For site usability and design, I rate 4/5.

Quality of writers

Nothing is pleasing like being given a satisfactory high-quality essay that is worth or even more than your money and efforts. writers deliver the best when it comes to essay quality regardless of the discipline or topic. Partial plagiarism or grammatical errors are not part of writers. To an extent, the quality of your paper might depend on the writer level working on your essay. Everyone looks for quality products since they directly translate to your academic performance, but it is hard to find such writing service. Since I used writing service, especially top-level writers, I have not only got quality work but tremendously improve my academic performance. Thanks to the great writers, I rate them 3/5.


To me, I think is a legit writing service that offers its services at the lowest price, yet the quality is still maintained. For a standard undergraduate essay due in 14 days, you can pay as low as $ 9.97 per page while an urgent order can go up to $56 per page. This is to mean prices depend on your deadline and academic level. is many students’ favorite because of the various discounts they offer. At the top corner of their webpage, they display the latest discount codes. Seasonal discounts such as Christmas and Easter discounts are also available usually around 10%. Also, 10% discount exists for orders worth more than $1000. For prices, 4/5 will do.


Lateness in submitting my assignment is now a forgotten story for me since I started using writing service. The most surprising and pleasing moment was when they delivered quality work despite the limited deadline. To me, I thought it wasn’t possible, so it was a matter of trying, but surprisingly they managed. Imagine finishing my project proposal, a 20-page work within 3 days. I had to tip that writer who did my work; the fault was mine for uploading the work late after being away from school for long only to realize time was not on my side. They deliver everything on time. With the deadline, I give 4/5.

Customer service

It is the ultimate wish of everyone to find a writing service that put customer services as a core value. This comes in handy when you need to get in touch with them with any issue. My experience with customer support agents has made me conclude that they are the best, but of course, there might exist their equals or even better than them. They are human-friendly, experienced, and dedicated to doing their work to their level best.

There are many options you can choose to communicate with them. These include but not limited to live chat, email, Skype, social media, and phone call. All these are indicated on their site. The only disappointment is that some of the communication channels are not functional. I once did call them using one of the phone numbers, but it was not operational yet still on their site. The email seems not to be actively used, it takes time for them to reply, but once they respond, they give satisfactory answers. For customer service, I rate 3/5.


Generally, isn’t a bad writing service but should re-adjust their efforts to combat some of the flaws inherent as depicted by the review. It is an average company that helps many undergraduate students because of its lower prices, but there is more need to improve the quality of output, not only the top writers. I rate with 3.5/5 stars.


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