6dollaressay.com Review

6dollaressay.com Review

6dollaressay.com is a writer service well known in research papers, essay term papers, and professional writing, to mention a few. Before you decide to order for their services, the following brief information is paramount to your decision as far as 6dollaressay.com is concerned as a writing service. My experience with them is as have shared in the following dimensions.

Usability and design of the site

6dollaressay.com has the best website that attracts your attention, and it is quite impressive. The homepage is so, and you will quickly get to know whether the service you want is provided. In case you have something to inquire their contacts are displayed. Unlike other sites, there are no random adverts which pop to divert your attention to other things. However, there are setbacks you will not like is that the rating system of writers is missing. I, therefore, rate it at 3.5/5 in the usability and design of the site.

Quality of writers

The terrible quality I received made me wonder about their “professional writers” as they claimed. About my paper, it seems to have written by someone with poor English and probably not a prolific English speaker, and I had to rewrite the content by myself to add it some sense. They were willing to take the paper for a rewrite, but my low confidence about them could not allow me. The fact that the content was not plagiarized was a good thing to appreciate, but to article critiques, there was nothing to enjoy .2.5/5 is my rating to them as far as quality is concerned.


6dollaressay.com has pricing calculator which you use to calculate the cost of your content. This means that there is no room for negotiation as only wordings or the number of pages for your work matters. Considering my high school work, which is nothing heavy to professional writers cost me 24 dollars per page, the same price for an undergraduate essay with the same number of words. Although their discount offers were something to smile on, the short deadlines were not realistic with the prices. They delivered my paper in a too short time, something that must have led to shoddy work. They offer affordable services and which are much cheaper when discounted are factored, but the quality is so much in doubt. Poor quality will mean you have to spend more in the long run as you seek for top quality work from other writing services. It qualifies a score of 3/5 in terms of prices.


6dollaressay.com are so loyal when it comes to committing to the set deadlines. If you want your paper done without fail as far as the timeline is concerned, 6dollaressay.com shouldn’t be second to you. In fact, for my essay which was set to be due in ten days, it was delivered to me on the 5th day. I was able to read the content, and this allowed me to work on the mistakes which I noted early enough before the final submission to my tutor. However, the earlier or, the shorter the deadline, the higher the chances of receiving shoddy work. But all in all, 6dollaressay.com is the best when it comes to deadlines. I give them a rating of 4/5.

Customer service

6dollaressay.com contact methods are limited, and so reaching to customer support agent is a bit challenging. At the footer of their website, a single email address and one phone number are provided. This leads to communication traffic because every new customer has a lot to inquire. The 24-hour operation posted on their site is just but an advert. Live chat service is the other options, but they take a while longer to reply. This does not make it ideal, especially if you need quick assistance. However much they take to respond; once they answer, customer support is helpful and friendly. Moreover, if you have any issue, especially with money- refund they don’t hesitate to do it as soon as you provide sufficient proof. I, therefore, rate them 3/5 in dealing with customers.


I rate 6dollaressay.com at 3.5/5, which is above average. Their deadlines, usability, and use of the site, and quality content have fair ratings. I recommend it for you should you need a writing service.


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