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Before you settle down and decide about as your site for writing services, you need to know about various factors that you should put into consideration as highlighted. is well known in the following services such as research papers, professional writing, paper dissertations, proofreading services, and term paper, among others. To know more about, you need to go through this review as discussed below.

Usability and design of the site

As it is said “when the deal is so good you have to think twice’’ is true. The design of site is quite appealing and so eye catchy on the outlook, but when I entered in details to their site, it was so challenging to surf their website because the random content was too much. There are a lot of things to complain about the usability and design of site. I rated them 1 out of 5.

Quality of writers

The kind of content I received from was something that did not put a smile on my face. The work was fluffy and out of my expectations. Apart from not finishing on time, the work was also plagiarized, and I had to put my effort to ensure quality because time was not on my side to give them back for a rewrite and my work was due for presentation somewhere else. The sentence structures were so poorly constructed, something a native English speaker will not make. However, after informing them about my disappointments, they were concerned to refund me a little amount even though this also took a while longer. To me, they scored 1 out 5

Prices are so expensive because they charged me an amount which made me view them as money oriented type of company. My two paged work could have gone with a standard price of approximately 20dollars considering it was an undergraduate work. Their prices are so high that they charged me 31dollars. Moreover, the deadlines were much prolonged to go in handy with the price they charged. I did not know of other writing platforms, and I had to pay this for my tight schedule could not allow me to do the work by myself. They had no discounts specified. Good to note is that after they disappointed me with the kind of work I received they accepted a little refund but after a long time. They later sent a text of apology, but I was in a crossroad of taking because they messed me too much. I rated them 2 out of a 5 score.


Time is money. are so messy when it comes to keeping deadlines; however much they promise to keep time as soon as you give them work. Considering my busy schedule, which was a contributing factor to giving them my work to do, they still could not finish on time. This delay had no difference had I done the work by myself with my tight program. Keeping in mind the quality of work they gave me was substandard, I would have given them for a rewrite, but on the other side my deadline for the presentation was almost due, so I had to burn night oil to safe on the situation. It is good they were ready for a rewrite when I later informed them, and they promised to keep time next time I give them work. I gave them 2 out of 5.

Customer service are not sensitive to customer needs. They promise to change every time they mess with you, but they don’t. The contacts they display on the site are not all active because, after a hard time of trying to reach them, I discovered that communications are restricted to some lines. The live chat option, on the other hand, could have done me better, but they take time to reply. The 24-hour availability was just but an advert. This is quite hurting to a loyal customer who is ready to work with them. Their contacts are enough on the site if they could respond with any of them to ease communication traffic. I rated them 2 out of 5.


In general, deserves a rating of 2 out of 5. This a below average score and therefore I do not recommend anyone to choose the site for their services. Quality and customer satisfaction should be the center core of any company, most importantly, when it comes to academic work.


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